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Car Instant Tyre Repair & Bead Sealer Kit

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Effortlessly address low tyre pressure and flat tyres caused by slow bead leaks and tyre punctures from nails, screws, and road debris with TireJect, the top-rated tyre sealant available. Our 5-star formula instantly seals leaks and punctures, utilizing robust Aramid fibres and recycled rubber tyre particles for a long-lasting seal. Enjoy smooth travels and peace of mind knowing your tyres are protected with TireJect.

Kit Includes:

  • 6oz Pouch of TireJect Instant Tyre Repair
  • Dispensing cap for installation through the valve stem
  • Valve core tool and valve stem cap

Dosage/Usage Guidelines:

  • 6oz per tyre (full pouch)
  • For tyres up to p215/50/17

Benefits & Highlights:

  • Repair Capability: Easily fix tread punctures up to 1/4" and bead leaks, ensuring your tyre stays in top condition creating a long-lasting seal.
  • TPMS Compatibility: Compatible with TPMS sensors, ensuring seamless integration with modern tyre monitoring systems.
  • Safety Assurance: Safe for tyres, rims, and valve stems, providing peace of mind during every journey.
  • Convenient Portability: Compact kit design allows for on-the-go use, perfect for emergencies.
  • Vibration Prevention: Low viscosity formula prevents tyre vibration or balance issues, ensuring a smooth ride.
  • Cost Savings & Environmental Sustainability: Save hundreds by repairing existing leaky tyres instead of purchasing new ones, while also extending tyre life and reducing waste.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove the Valve Core
  2. Attach the Cap Hose and Open
  3. Squeeze the Pouch
  4. Re-install the Valve Core
  5. Re-Inflate the Tyre
  6. Install the TireJect Valve Cap
  7. Drive or Rotate the Tyre

For visual guidance, watch our installation video here.

Kit Sizing Guide


Dosage Amount: only 4oz required


Tire Size: Up to 215 / xx / xx

Dosage Amount: 6oz


Tire Size: up to 245 / xx / xx

Dosage Amount: 6oz


Tire Size: up to 275 / xx / xx

Dosage Amount: 10oz


Durable, Long Lasting

TireJect is a new class of Innovative Tyre Repair to handle Low Tyre Pressure issues caused by Slow Bead Leaks, Tyre Punctures and Flat Tyres. Easily handle Nails, Screws and Road Debris. Get more life from your tyre.

FAStec™ Liquid Rubber Technology

Innovative Tyre Repair Technology that resolves Low Tyre Pressure, Slow Bead Leaks, Tyre Punctures from nails, screws, road debris & flat tires.

Installs in minutes

TireJect Installs through the valve stem in minutes.

If you can add air to your tyre, you can install TireJect.

Product Comparison Chart

Gel Tyre Slime Aerosol Can Tyre Plug Spare Tyre Road-side Service Tyre Shop
Bead Leak
Repair Duration Long Lasting Temporary <50 miles Temporary <50 miles Leaks over time Temporary Temporary Tyre Replacement
Time to repair < 5 minutes 15+ minutes 5-15 minutes 15+ minutes
requires special tools
1+ hours 2+ hours 2+ hours
Vehicle/Wheel Vibation Does not cause vibration Causes vibration
drive < 50mph
Causes vibration
drive < 50mph
Does not cause vibration n/a n/a n/a
Tyre Shop Friendly n/a n/a n/a

Be Prepared

Flat Tyres Happen when you least expect